If you’re any kind of artist, crafter, poet, writer, or artisanal producer in Condon we’d like to help Condon and the rest of the world get to know you and what you do.

Art & Craft Takes Many Forms

Condon has painters, jewelry makers, sculptors, photographers, writers, poets, and digital artists. There are fine cooks, knitters and crochet artists, people who macramé, and those who create things out of other things.

Untapped Richness

We aim to prove that Condon has untapped richness in its artists, authors, and creators and showcase those works to our neighbors and beyond.

Get Known for Your Work

If you are a Condon resident who creates, we encourage you to submit your work so that it can be appreciated. We include a link or two to anyplace your work is for sale in an effort to help keep your work sustainable.

We don’t pay for submissions of any kind. We just help you get known for your work and help people discover where they can buy your work and support your artistic endeavors.

To submit, use the contact form and Cindi will be in touch with you for images and whatever else we need to showcase your work. If you are amenable, we will also write a profile piece on you and your work.