Calling All Condon Artists

Open casting call to Condon artists!

an image of an artisan in a workshop
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

We’re looking for artists and craftspeople in Condon who would like their art featured in the pages of Condon Life. Our goal is to elevate the artists in Condon by sharing their work with their community as well as the larger world.

We are open to all mediums. You can submit art in as many categories as you make original art. All we need is a good quality photo of your work, some basic biographical information, and a decent headshot (if you choose). We’d also like to write a feature about you and your art, if you are amenable to that.

Artists will be given:

  • an artist profile on the site
  • links to where their art is for sale, if applicable
  • an artist feature about your art, how you got started, inspirations, etc.
  • links to social media, if desired
  • encouragement to watermark (your name, brand, or URL watermark may be visible on photos, just don’t obscure your work

There is no charge whatsoever for promoting your art.

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