About Us


The Vision

Condon Life is about all the little things that make Condon a unique experience. Its people, its community, its personality, and its talent pool.

It isn’t just the latitude and longitude that make a town unique. It’s the people. It’s their ways and what they do.

The Reason

When our editor lived in California, she was an artist and businessperson that enthusiastically interacted with other businesses in town and wrote about what made them special. She loved to mix with other artists and help them showcase their work so that it could be appreciated by their community and beyond.

Missing the excitement of learning something new and making connections that matter, she decided to launch something similar in this little semi-ghost town.

Meet the Staff

The blood and bones of Condon Life. None of these people get paid for the work they do here, but if you like what they do and want to see it continue, you can buy them a coffee.

photo of woman in glasses

Cindi Clinton

Editor & Writer

Cindi is a full-time lifestyle writer for hire, specializing in health & wellness, fitness, mindfulness, and gaming.

She has her own handmade line of jewelry that she sells online as well as in piercing and tattoo shops in OR & WA.

Next Steps…

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